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Why Vehicle Insurance Is More Important Now a Day?


Perhaps, owning a car has been a dream of every individual of India since his/her childhood. Nowadays it is easy to have a car as cheap car loans are easily available all over in the country. People from high-income group do have more than one car, for them car is a luxury but for most of us, having a car increases our mobility and eliminates dependence on public transport.

Once we own a car or cars, protecting them by way of insuring it becomes a priority. Car insurance is compulsory by law. It is a way we protect ourselves financially in case of damages caused by accidents or a theft.
Even some of us do have car insurance with car breakdown cover or car insurance with roadside assistance policy for roadside help in case of sudden car breakdown. Now many car insurance companies provide car insurance with breakdown cover included. Insurance with roadside assistance is now a popular term among the car owners.

We all are quite aware of the traffic scenario of India and daily we read in newspapers about cases of road accidents and rule-breakings. In the light of these factors, it is important to get car insurance right after one buys a car.

Your car may be damaged due to someone else’s negligence and sometimes yours too. A car, motorbike or rickshaw colliding with yours car, or avoiding a garden walker on road you could crash into a wall or even a cricket ball from the boys playing on road cracking your windshield can make a big hole into your pocket but if you have car insurance you need not pay for these repairs by yourself, your car is expensive and car insurance can save the expense of its repairs.

In India Third Party Liability (TPL) car insurance is mandatory for every vehicle by law. This policy covers you against the legal unwelcoming consequences of an accident caused by you. If you met with an accident and that results in damages to another person’s property or injuries to another driver/pedestrian, the insurance will pay for their treatment and save you from the legal repercussions of the case.

There is one more important benefit of car insurance is that it pays the expenses of hospital if in any case you got injured in accident. You need not to worry about the medical expenses at all if you have a car insurance policy. And in the most unfortunate result of road accident the car owner’s demise, a car insurance policy can compensate the family’s expenses after the unfortunate event.

Car insurance is as important as life insurance and having car insurance with car breakdown cover is the call of today’s time.


All you need to do just dial a helpline number of your roadside assistance service provider, so what are you waiting for just go for membership of Crossroads India’s best roadside assistance service provider and say NOW I CAN DRIVE EMPTY CAR.

Please Visit At : www.crossroadshelpline.com

PAN India toll free : 1800–419–0199



  1. Companies like crossroads hear a lot of negatives when people are mad because they did not get their way but people rarely take the time to tell them when they are doing a good job. Thank you crossroads u been always with me. this was the reason I wrote this review.

  2. Meei husband ne mujhe crossroad cover ke baare me bataya tha kyunki unki ek friend jab kaheen car ke karan pareshani me padi thi to is company ne help ki thi to maine bhi le liya tha inka cover. Company bahut hi achchi hai aur turant react karti hai.

  3. Vaade to sab karte hain magar jo time pe sahi service de wo company achchi hoti hai crossroad se jude 18 month huye hain aur inhone apna har vaada nibhaya hai. Main apne jaanne walon ko ye company hi recommend karti hu.

  4. Office girl jo der raat car se ghar lautati hain unke liye is company ka cover rakhna aisa hai jaise ki apne bhai ki security me hona. Mere bhaiya ne raakhi pe Crossroads Helpline ka cover plan gift kiya tha aur ye kai baar mere bahut kaam aaya. Well done guys, Well Done CrossroadsHelpline.

  5. Is company ki honesty mujhe sabse achchi lagti hai jab bhi kabhi meri gaadi me kharabi aai ya kuch gadbad hui hai ye bahut jaldi to aate hi hain saath hi saath bahut hi imaandar opinion dete hain.

  6. Kabhi bhi kisi ki car ke fuel me kachra na fanse bahut badi wali problem ho jati hai mere saath ek bar hua tha jab kam diesel me apni indica chala rahi thi wo to kahiye ki inka cover tha aur inke bandon ne on the road car sahi kar di. Aise hi do char bar aur chhoti moti problem aane pe Crossroads Helpline ko phon kiya hai service achchi mili. Good company Good Service…

  7. Kabhi kabhi koi koi staff thodi ukhdi bhasha me baat kar deta hai matlab jo mechanic wagairah aate hain wo, baaki sab kuch is company ka bahaut achcha hai. Char sitare de raha hun.

  8. Crossroads road assistance is good value. The App made it all very easy to manage, well organized and easy to understand. Always on time great service! Thumbs up crossroads!!!!!!

  9. Koi bhi roadside assistance policy lene se pahle ek baar crossroads helpline ko jarur parkhen, mujhe yakeen hai ki aap iske siva koi aur cover nahin lena chahenge.

  10. Bahut hi helpful staff hai mainly helpline people bahaut achche se treat karte hain baaki roadside service to hai kamaal ki.

  11. Crossroads Helpline ke pas sabse achche mechanic hain wo apna kaam bhi achche se jaante hain aur bahut polite bhi hain. Service bhi time pe milti hai to mere liye ye company achchi hai. Happy with Crossroads Helpline Services.

  12. Bahut hi dostana mahaul hai is company me, car bike ke baare me had se jayada knowledge hai staff ko kai baar phone pe hi problem samjah ke door kar dete hain. Well-done crossroads.

  13. Main amataur pe reviews nahin likhta par pichhle sunday jab maine inki help li aur mujhe bahut achcha treatment mila to socha ye sabko batana chahiye isse doosron ka bhi faayda ho sakta hai… Thanks Crossroads.

  14. I can’t tell you how many car policies we now have with crossroads in my family but there’s a few. That’s because they are such good people to deal with in every way. Never a problem and they actually follow up and speak to you and ask if everything is ok and if you need any help. Just a damn good company to do business with. Obviously we Highly recommend crossroads to all.

  15. Amazing plan aur super fast service poora paisa vasool hai crossroads ka roadside assistance. Gaadi bigadne pe uparwale se pahle ab crossroads yaad aata hai. Too good

  16. 5 din pahle meri alto ka tyre flat ho gaya tha to crossroads ko call kiya 15 se 20 minute me crossroads ke bande aaye or banaya. Ab aur kya chahte ho ye log kya puncture hone se pahle hi pahunch jaayen. Best hai company hai.. Best Service hai.

  17. Recently added a third vehicle with the crossroads gang – once again they were friendly, personable and efficient with their service. Local folks assisting local customers and a very quick response – literally straight through which is rare these days. People and price great…..what more could you ask for?

  18. The Policy content and price is incomparable to others. Some may feel they do not have the time and wish to make all the selections online themselves. I felt that the time spent, the knowledge of the policies coverage, attention to detail and the total thorough and professional manner that the customer service officer showed, well surpasses the one off inconvenience of time. Notwithstanding there was never any feeling of being rushed or pushed into any answer to get to the next customer. I am adamant that if you said you had little time to spare, then customer service would help as quickly as they possible could. The best thing is that knowing that the policy is perfect for you and if the worst happened it is covered. The entire experience was one that is definitely noteworthy with crossroads.

  19. I was very happy with all of the help and the outcome, I was particularly impressed with the price and very , very happy that their services are perfect. Thank you crossroads for your patience and spot on knowledge about the vehicle breakdown etc.

  20. Called crossroads to set up some roadside car insurance and was so easy and they went the extra mile to personalize everything to my needs only along with making sure I got the best price possible. Definitely best over the phone support I’ve ever had and the most pleasant people to deal with.

  21. Nothing could be worst than running out of fuel in the mid of a highway. And a highway where fuel pumps are only two or three within 200 km then this is kodh me khaaj like situation. Last week I had this horrible experience on the Taj express way in my journey to lucknow from agra. Thank god that I am covered with Roadside assistance of crossroads I requested them through my mobile app I received a call from a person who said that he was coming to my location within 30 mins. After waiting 20 mins I decided to make a call to that person. I told him that I am in between 113-114 km board after 15 mins he came and I took a sigh of relief.

  22. Crossroads ne meri car ko tab theek karwaya tha jab main apni mom ko hospital dekhne ja raha tha. us time main bahaut pareshan tha aur mujhe bahut kam samay me help pahunchai gai. Mera dil is company ke saath hai ise kabhi nahin chhorunga

  23. I had an excellent experience with crossroads setting up my requests from this app always. I am very satisfied with the service that i received and they were very helpful over the phone too. I found that the man that did my last service request was excellent in his job. Crossroads have excellent skilled staff!

  24. Crossroads has always been an excellent car roadside assistance service company to deal with and it was absolutely a pleasure to deal with this app, I will keep recommending crossroads to my friends and family There staff are friendly . and they make you feel like family.

  25. Andhera hote hi mere ghar wale bahut pareshan ho jaate hain aur puchhli sham office se late ho gai aur car bhi bigad gai thi tab is app ka pahli baar use kiya aur thank God help lagbhag turant hi aa gai thi. Aisi waisi gandi jagah car fansne par ye app bahut hi useful hai. Five star

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  27. My coverage gave me peace of mind. My vehicle isn’t always as up to par as it should be and being stranded on the road is a horrible feeling but with roadside assistance I don’t have to worry if I have a flat tire or lock myself out or run out of fuel . This service is available 24/7 (plz make it real 24/7) and it’s a great feeling knowing that there is someone there for you in your worst moment of vehicle failure and a friendly face

  28. Mera experience Crossroads ke saath bahut achcha raha hai. Do baar mujhe rescue request karni padi air dono hi baar bahut hi satisfactory work kiya gaya. Main to is company ke baare me sabko batata rahta hun mere jaanne walon ne bhi iska plan liya hai aur wo sab bhi khush hain.

  29. Excellent customer service towards a woman who needed extra help! However, I think there should be 3 people on staff. When I was being helped, it took quite a bit of time and that made me feel somewhat anxious but overall, it was pleasantly easy & worthwhile.

  30. Do mahine pahle meri car ka accident ho gayi thi aur meri car tow karke mangwai gai thi poora kaam crossroads ne bahut hi behtar dhang se kiya tha maine wo car baad me bech di or ke doosri kharid li thi ab is car pe bhi unka cover hai par phone number se kabhi kabhi purani car ka account nikal aata tha kal hi sahi hua hai,Achhi company…Achhi Service… Thanks Crossroads

  31. Maine aaj hi online crossroads platinum plan online liya hai halanki maine aaspaas roadside assistance cover rakhne walon se baat karne ke baad crossroads ko chuna hai kyunki 10 me se 8 logon ne iski tareef ki hai bas abhi check kiya to pata chala ki gold me ek saal me 6 service hain aur platinum me do saal me 10 service free hain crossroads ko ismen sudhar karna chahiye. But service bohot achhi hai inki.
    Thank you Crossroads

  32. Trying to start the car after a concert, I found the battery was dead. My own roadside assistance refused to help, I googled “Roadside Assistance” and found Crossroads. The app was easy to use. Payment was also easy to arrange. The mechanic was friendly and efficient. We were on the road home, within minutes of his arrival. I would definitely recommend this service.

  33. हमने कोई और रोडसाइड सर्विस तो कभी ली नहीं तो कह नहीं सकते कि कौन सी सबसे बढ़िया है पर इनसे भी आजतक कभी कोई शिकायत हुई नहीं कभी कभी कोई कोई मैकेनिक जल्दी खराबी पकड़ लेता है तो कोई देर में बस ये ही बात पिछले करीबन ढाई साल में देखी है वाजिब रेट में ये फैसिलिटी यूँ ही मिलती रहे बस यही दुआ है।

  34. गाड़ी का इंजन आयल पूरा सूख गया था और गाड़ी गरम हो गई तब ये पता चला, साइड में लगा के मैंने फोन किया crossroads को मेरे साथ मेरे कुछ दोस्त भी थे crossroads के मैकेनिक हमारी लोकेशन ही नहीं ढूंढ पा रहे थे हम मेंन हाइवेसे थोड़ी दूर पे थे जब पास वाले किसी आदमी से उनकी बात करवाई तब वो आ पाए उन्होंने इंजन आयल डाला और लीकेज भी चेक की सब सही पाया और रवाना हुए बाकीतो सब सही रहा पर उन्हें रास्ता समझाने में कुछ समय जरूर बेकार गया हालांकि अब बोलते हैं एप्प से करने में ढूँढने में आसानी होती है पर अभी तक जरूरत नहीँ पड़ी तो कुछ कह नहीं सकता।

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  36. I spoke to crossroads , to set up comprehensive roadside insurance – he was very friendly, down to earth, knowledgeable and worked hard to get me the best possible price to suit my needs! So far, I’ve had a great experience with Crossroads and their services.

  37. Kisi bhi app ka success hona depend karta hai ki wo kitni friendly aur useful hai saath hi ussse milne wali service ya product customer ke liye kitna satisfactory rahta hai in saari baaton pe crossroads app khari utarti hai. I am always with you crossroads.

  38. राखी के दिन मुझे बहन के पास चंडीगढ़ जाना था, पर कार स्टार्ट नहीं हो रही थी, मैंने crossroads फोन किया पर मुझे उम्मीद नहीं थी, कि वो आज कोई सर्विसदे सकेंगे क्योंकि काफी सुबह का समय था, पर फिर भी उनका मैकेनिक टाइम पे आगया पता चला कि बैटरी अपना समय पूरा कर चुकी है, वो तुरंत वापस गया और नईबैटरी लगा दी मुझे बस यही कहना था कि जब मैने पहले ही बताया था कि शायदबैटरी चली गई है तो उसे पहले से ही नई बैटरी साथ लानी चाहिए। फिर भी इससारे काम मे मेरा सिर्फ एक घंटा ही गया तो ज्यादा दिक्कत नहीं हुई। Good job crossroads.

  39. Pahle jab long drive pe jaata tha to dar lagta hai ki kaheen fansa to kya hoga isliye kisi na friend ko pata ke le jaata hai. Sala uska khane peene ka kharcha mujhe hi uthana padta tha par ab iss aap ke aane ke baad I found a true friend. Love u crossroad.

  40. Parso raat me maine crossroads ko phone kiya kyunki meri car start nahi ho rahi thi, mechanics karib 25 minute me aa gaye they par car start nahi hui kyunki fuel pump me kuch fans gaya tha to towing hui aur baad me car ki problem door hui. Is poore kaam me crossroads ne bahut hi help ki aur bahut badhiya tarah se mera khyal rakha, one of the best company

  41. My new i20 showed the message it needed fuel urgently. As it was a national holiday roads were traffic less even on highway too. I rang the crossroads and believe me or not they were there in 15 minutes with the fuel. They surprised me with their fast service. Hats off guys!

  42. I was saved by crossroads today! Was told I would have to wait 30-40 mins but only waited for 25 mins which was good. Towing service was great,. Driver was very lovely and easy to talk to which was a relief as I was nervous due to not having done this tow stuff before. The best thing about this was the price, searched more online and came across this ‘too good to be true’ price and I was skeptical but it ended up being too good AND true. Will only use Crossroads from now on!

  43. I was stuck with a flat tyre when crossroads roadside service came to my rescue. The guys were really nice and efficient, they even checked stppni to make sure it was all good for my left journey. Legends i say!

  44. Stranded with a flat tyre and missing the necessary tools to change it myself I called crossroads and the mechanic arrived within 15 minutes and changed the tyre with a minimum of fuss. This occurred today in sarojini at a shopping centre at around 6pm.
    I am happy with Crossroads service.